Butterfly School Swimming

A robust assessment, monitoring and reporting tool for raising national school swimming standards.


Did you know

there are 16,788 primary schools in England and if they want to continue receiving Primary PE and Sports Premium Funding beyond 2017/2018 they must report on line, by April 2018, the Year 6 cohort outcomes for national curriculum swimming.

What you need

a simple data collection, monitoring, assessment and reporting tool


aims to provide a simple electronic system for the swim teacher to make pupil attendance and assessments. This data can then be collated, turned into graphs and reports and shared with all stakeholders who have a login. Schools are kept up to date, parents can be informed, and pool operators can target those pupils who have not achieved the minimum requirement or have excelled in swimming ability to generate further revenue.


The Butterfly system has been developed and trialled in live operator conditions in consultation with leading swimming instruction practitioners.

  • access to simple monitoring and evaluation processes

  • know the progress that each pupil has made from their Baseline Assessment

  • are clear about which children meet the national curriculum requirements

  • can identify the opportunity for intervention programmes for both less able  and gifted children

  • can provide clear reporting to governance bodies on school swimming outcomes

  • can demonstrate the value of their investment in school swimming programmes

  • know that the collection of information is fully compliant with data protection requirements

  • use the information to fully meet reporting requirements for Pupil Sport Premium funding

The new Butterfly swimming framework – designed to meet the 2019 national curriculum reporting requirements for swimming and water safety in English primary schools.

Butterfly framework content – The DfE, in their 2017 report ‘Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium’, have now made it a mandatory requirement for all primary schools who claim the Sports Premium funding to provide data on key aspects of the swimming curriculum:


“We ran a Butterfly trial from January to Easter at South Ribble, FOC at Leyland and it is fair to say that all schools positively received the information and reports. The system is online and the reports are populated via a tablet on poolside by the school swimming teacher – so minimises administration. All schools then receive an e mail with the summary report and a link to access the more detailed individual reports. All in all, a good system that works, saves us time, provides the schools with the data they need and at zero cost to us.”

Mark Snaylam, Contract Manager, South Ribble Leisure & West Lancs Leisure

What you need?

this system only requires access to an android tablet or computer and the internet. There is no software installation and the training to use the system can be completed in one hour.

Digitisation is a powerful tool for change. We are an independent consulting company that delivers things a little differently. We believe in the power of technology to help achieve better results. We will work with you to transform you school swimming lesson business, impress your clients with professional reporting and create significant revenue generating opportunities.

As an introductory offer, we have a limited number of free trials of Butterfly available. This is at one pool for a term with no obligation beyond the trial.

If you are interested, then I will be happy to discuss this and your current swimming arrangements and to show you how Butterfly can help your business.